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Tahir A. Chauhdry, DO; FACOG

Not all complications are “lawsuit worthy” My name is Dr Tahir Chauhdry. I am a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Your Clients deserve a Physician to evaluate and scrutinize prenatal records, fetal monitor strips, delivery room and operative records, progress notes, nursing documentation and so much ...

Medical-Legal Consultant

Medical mistakes or problems can and do happen. However, every legal team needs a professional to recognize and decipher these issues. For medical case review, testimony, deposition, and trial preparation, contact the dedicated medical-legal consultant team at Caduceus Consulting 360 at (716) 307-8773 so we can ...


Medical-Legal Consulting

Medical-Legal Consulting

Medical Case Review

We review each case personally. After a deep study based on the medical records provided, an opinion will be rendered and personal …
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Trial Preparation

When facing a testimony, deposition, or trial situation, preparing for questioning is crucial. Dr. Chauhdry can assist and prepare …
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  • Virtual Medical Legal Consultation
  • Certified professional
  • Over 20 years of experience